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Stove Depot and Chimney Works

Free Standing Pellet

Benefits: These provide real flames and are more convenient than a wood stove and are more economical than heating with propane or electrical. Pellet stoves allow you to enjoy the heat and authenticity of a wood fire without the work of hauling and stacking wood. These stoves run off of pellets, which it automatically delivers to the fire to keep it going. If you are torn between convenience and authenticity, a pellet stove may be just what you need.

Freestanding Pellet Stoves

Web capture_25-4-2023_15372_www_edited.jpg
Regancy Hampton GCi60
Regency Greenfire GFi55
Regency Hampton GC60
Regency Greenfire GF55
Regency Greenfire GF40
Enviro M55 Steel
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