Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair

Chimney sweeping is one of the most important services we offer. Keeping your chimneys cleaner, safer, and more efficient, regardless of fuel type or age is our highest priority. After 25 years of cleaning chimneys, we recommend getting your Chimney inspected yearly, or for every 2-4 cords of wood you burn, to assure that your stove is burning well and that your chimney is not becoming a fire hazard. This way you can enjoy your fireplace or stove, season after season, year after year with peace of mind.

Here at Stove Depot & Chimney Works, we clean and sweep all types, shapes, sizes, and configurations of stoves and chimneys.

Here are a few signs if your fireplace/stove needs to be serviced: acting strangely, smoke coming into the house, and seeing birds going in and out of your chimney

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